Monday, February 16, 2015

Bump 2.0: Second Trimester = Straight Craziness!!

Happy Monday, my lovely friends!
To start off… I’m going to warn you things are straight crazy over here!

Since my last post, my dad accepted a two year position at an Air Force Base in Australia!  My parents are moving to Australia!  My dad is not in the military, but he works for a company that works with the military.  Since my dad accepted this position –which was somewhat of a long shot… he never imagined he’d be selected– my parents have been working tirelessly to get things ready for a global move.  Visa paperwork, medical/psychological evaluations, moving/storage companies, and a polygraph (just to name a few).  My parents’ decision to move overseas for the next to years poses some logistical concerns:  1- What should they do with their house while they’re gone?  2- What will they do with their dog?

My parents have lived in the same house for over twenty years.  They contemplated selling now, but my parents want somewhere to call home when they visit.  However, all houses need regular maintenance, and they don’t want it to sit, unused, for two years.  Their second concern is for their dog, Carter.  Since Australia is an island, they have strict rules about what can and can’t come into their country.  Dogs are allowed into the country, but they must be quarantined for a whole year!  Well, that just wasn’t going to fly for a 13ish year old golden.  Even if poor Carter could survive the 24 hour trip to Australia, he’d be so confused in quarantine!  Which leads to part 2 of the craziness that is our lives at the moment…

Adam and I decided to put our house on the market and move into my parents’ home! 
-insert insane face here-

Who puts their house on the market when they’re nearly 30 weeks pregnant?  Seriously, who does that?

Uhm, apparently we do!

Our neighborhood is hot right now… The last 4 homes have all gone under contract in less than 2 weeks (most within 48 hours).  So for the next year-ish we will be living in my parents’ home, watching over things.  Moving into my parents’ home will allow us flexibility when we’re ready to move into a new home, plus it will significantly cut Adam’s commute down.  With a toddler and another baby on the way, I need my husband home!  Instead of spending about 90 minutes in the car each day, he’ll spend about 30 minutes commuting, round-trip.  More importantly, Carter will get to stay put.  He’ll stay with us at my parents’ house and live out his golden years in “his” home!

So between helping my parents get ready for their cross-continental move, getting our house ready to for showings, and the regular shenanigans associated with having a toddler, blogging has taken a back seat.  I had big plans for an awesome DIY post, but now my camera is packed somewhere so, sadly, it will have to wait 🙁

I want to apologize to each of you for neglecting Fit Pink Mom.  I love blogging and all the wonderful friends I’ve “met;” the last thing I wanted to do was disappear.  My goal for the next few months is to post once a week and spend at least once or twice a week visiting your fabulous posts!

Now onto the bumpy details…

Current Stats
Last month I shared details about my trip to the perinatologist.  I had my follow up on February 6th and am pleased to say Bump 2.0 has moved from the 25th to the 28th percentile!  Both my regular OB and the perinatologist assured me she’s developing right on track; she’s just a little petite!  At my follow-up she weighed 2 lbs 1 oz.  She is about the size of a large eggplant!  Oh, and she is still a she!  I’m pretty sure the sonographers think I’m insane.  Who asks THREE different times just to make sure?  I thought for sure Bump 2.0 was a boy! 😛

Sciatica!  I experienced just a teeny bit of this around 38 weeks pregnant with C.  This time I’ve been feeling it since week 14!  As she continues to grow it’s getting worse and worse.  I definitely had the second trimester boost of energy, but the third trimester slump is quickly creeping in.  On days I don’t allow myself some downtime, my sciatica is definitely worse.

Food Cravings/Aversions
Beef!  Lots of cheeseburgers.  To even that out, I’ve also been craving some spinach smoothies.  My most recent blood work showed that I’m not anemic, but my iron is at the bottom of the normal range.  These cravings are my body’s way of telling me I need more iron!  As far as aversions go, not too much.  Sadly I do get nauseous brushing my teeth still, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was during the first trimester.

Pregnancy Comparison
Being pregnant in your 30s is way more difficult than being pregnant in your 20s!  Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s second pregnancy, maybe it’s chasing a toddler… Either way you slice it, this pregnancy is definitely taking a bigger toll on my body.  A few weeks ago I ended up in Labor & Delivery on a Saturday night.  I spent all Friday morning chasing C around a children’s museum.  He needed help climbing down a ladder, so I climbed part way up (not smart) & slipped back down.  Thankfully neither of us full on fell, but my body definitely felt it.  By Saturday afternoon I was having some moderate cramping that wouldn’t subside.  I called my on-call doc and he said he suspected I just overdid it the day before, but he’d be happy to meet me at the hospital to check me out if I wanted.  Thankfully everything was A-OK and I had no signs of preterm labor, but it was definitely a wake up call.  My body is telling me to slow down!  Not easy with a toddler, but it’s something I’m making more of a priority.

Throughout the second trimester I had monthly appointments.  Now that I’m entering the third trimester, I’m starting appointments every two weeks.  Last week I passed my glucola (yay!).  Glucola, or Glucose Tolerance Test, is a way to test for gestational diabetes (GD).  Most people start with the one-hour test.  You go in, they give you this super sugary drink, and after an hour they draw your blood.  The results will tell your doctor how your body processes sugar during pregnancy.  With C I failed the one-hour test, so I took the three-hour test also.  The three-hour is very similar, but I had to fast, and they actually did 4 blood draws.  One before the sugary drink and one every hour for three hours.  If your blood sugar levels are above the average range for both the one and three-hour tests, your doctor may diagnose you with GD and have you follow a specific diet to ensure you and baby are healthy.

C’s Response
We’ve been talking about “baby sister” a lot.  In Disney he picked out a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal for his baby sister.  We practice holding Minnie and C will give her a kiss.  Sometimes he places her gently in the bassinet– others times he just throws her on the floor and moves on to his cars.  Last week at Target he pointed to my stomach and said “Baby Sister!”  That was the first time he initiated a conversation about his sister.  We’ve taken C to an ultrasound and a regular appointment.  Both times he heard the heartbeat he said “Roar!  Lion!”  Apparently a fetal heartbeat sounds like a roar, so that must mean mommy has a lion in her tummy.  Hopefully he won’t be too disappointed come May…

What is the most exciting/crazy/unexpected thing that’s happened to you in the last month?
What do you love/hate about moving?
If you could accept a temporary position anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Why?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Trip to the Perinatologist [hump day bump day]

Most people know what obstetricians do.  They work crazy hours, deal with horomonally-hyped women, and help bring babies into the world!  A woman’s obstetrician is one of the most important doctors she will ever know.  Obstetricians attend medical school and residency like all doctors, but they are also trained surgeons.

What you may not know, is some women are treated by perinatologists in addition to, or in place of, their regular obstetricians during pregnancy.  A perinatologist is an obstetrician who receives an additional two to three years of education focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders to a mother and her unborn child.  Basically, a perinatologist is a doctor for women with high-risk pregnancies.  Perinatologists might see patients who are diabetic, are expecting multiples, or have genetic abnormalities.

When I was pregnant with C, the majority of my first appointment was devoted to medical history.  I remember the nurse asking if any birth defects run in my family…

“No, none.  Oh, my brother was born with a hole in his heart, does that count?”
“Yes, that definitely counts,” the nurse replied.

The fact that my brother was born with a congenial heart defect is something I barely think about.  Thankfully, his hole closed on its own within a few months of birth.  Now he’s a happy, healthy, typical college student.  His heart defect at birth has had virtually no long-term impact on his life.  To be honest, I’m somewhat surprised I even remembered to tell the nurse.

But the fact that I remembered that tiny detail of my brother’s past was enough to put me under the care of a perinatologist.

Throughout both my pregnancies I see my regular obstetricians for routine appointments.  There are five obstetricians in my practice that still deliver babies and I rotate through each doctor.  However, due to my medical history, I see a perinatologist for my anatomy scans and fetal EKGs.

With C, my anatomy scan was at Duke.  With this pregnancy it was at UNC.  I have no clue why they decided to refer me to a different perinatologist this time, but I have nothing negative to say about either doctor.  Like most anatomy scans, we were there for about two hours.  The sonographer was with us most of the time.  She spent a TON of time looking at the baby and taking measurements.  Because my doctors are concerned about heart defects specifically, the sonographer probably took 20+ pictures of the heart alone!  When the sonographer was finished, the doctor reviewed the images and came in to speak with us.  Thankfully, with both anatomy scans the baby was developing completely normal and there were no abnormalities of the heart.

My second perinatologist trip with both pregnancies is a fetal EKG.  With both pregnancies it took place around 22 weeks.  Basically, it’s just a super zoomed-in ultrasound of the heart.  With C they zoomed-in to the heart and focused on it the entire time.  This time the sonographer took a few photos and videos of the baby (& double checked to make sure she’s still a girl…which she is!) before focusing on the heart.  During the appointment, the sonographer took up close photos of the heart’s chambers and ventricles.  While the heart is not completely formed at 22 weeks, the sonographer is able to see if there are any developmental abnormalities.  Just like the anatomy scan, the sonographer shared the images with the perinatologist and he came in to speak with us.  I am so thankful that with both fetal EKGs, the heart was (& is) developing right on track.

One thing I have not shared with you about this pregnancy is my little girl is a little petite.  All of her ultrasounds have been on the small side (very different from C who was a 90%ile kind of baby!).  During her fetal EKG I asked the sonographer about her size.  Measurements of the entire baby are uncommon for a fetal EKG, but the sonographer was kind enough to take a few anyway.  Right now all her organs are developing right on track, but size-wise she’s currently in the 25%ile.  This is still in the average range, but it’s at the bottom of the average range.  Both my regular obstetrician and perinatologist agree it’s best to continue monitoring the baby’s size.  What does this mean?  We get to go back to the perinatologist for another ultrasound in February!

So why am I sharing all of this with you?  Why do you need to know what a perinatologist is and why do you need to know about my experience?

After a combined 65 weeks of pregnancy and four trips to the perinatologist (& a fifth scheduled next month!) I’ve learned a few things… And just in case you or someone you know ever needs to visit a perinatologist, here’s a few things to keep in mind…

1.  Being referred to a perinatologist does not automatically mean something is wrong.
When I was pregnant with C and was told I’d be seeing a perinatologist I was horrified.  What?!  They want me to see a specialist!  That must mean there’s something wrong!  What it really means is something about your current situation or medical history is worth a second look.  I quickly realized being under the care of 5 regular obstetricians plus a perinatologist is a blessing.  That means I have 6 highly trained people looking out for both my health as well as my unborn baby’s health.  While they certainly can’t predict everything, being closely watched means if there is a problem, we’ll know about it and be able to deal with it.

2.  Come with a list of questions and speak up.
I keep a running list of questions for my doctors on my phone.  If I forget a question for my regular obstetricians, I can call the nurse’s line.  With my experience, perinatologists are not as accessible.  My one concern at my fetal EKG last month (aside from the heart, of course) was her size.  I almost didn’t say anything, but decided to speak up.  I’m so thankful I did because that’s when the perinatologist decided he wanted to continue monitoring her size.  Again, I had a moment where “They want to see me again?!  That must mean something’s wrong!”  went through my mind.  Then I realized how grateful I am to have doctors who listen to my concerns and are thorough.

3.  If you don’t trust your doctors, you need new doctors!
Whether you see a perinatologist, obstetrician, or midwife, this is a MUST!  I could write a whole separate post about how much I love my doctors (and I probably will), but the biggest thing is that I trust them.  I trust my primary obstetricians to monitor my pregnancy and when they feel like I need additional care, I trust my them to refer me to someone who can monitor me appropriately.  Both my primary obstetricians and perinatologist work collaboratively to form a plan that fits my needs and take the time to explain things to me thoroughly.  If you trust your doctor, and they think you need to be under the care of a perinatologist, it’s for the best.

Have you or someone you know been under the care of a perinatologist?
What’s the thing you worry about most during pregnancy (or are you worried about for a future pregnancy)?
Who’s your favorite doctor?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fit Mama Friday at Fine Fit Day

Last month I was incredibly honored to be featured by of my fabulous bloggy-friends on her blog, Fine Fit Day.  The blogger behind Fine Fit Day is Carly.  She’s is a wife, mother runner, and personal trainer.  She is also pregnant with her second child.  Basically, Carly is a super hero!

Carly has a fabulous feature each week called Fit Mama Friday.  She features all kinds of fit moms– running moms, yoga moms, surfing moms.  So back in November Carly emailed me asking if I would be interested in being featured for Fit Mama Friday.  I was shocked and excited, and of course I said yes!

So go ahead and hop over to Fine Fit Day and check out my convo with Carly.  Don’t forget to check out the Fit Mama Friday Archives!

What workouts have you been up to lately?
Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Team Pink [gender reveal]

I’m thrilled to share with you that we are officially Team Pink!  We are expecting a little GIRL in May!  Adam and I both found out at the ultrasound on December 3.  This was my 18 week appointment, which is called an anatomy scan.  Any appointment can make you anxious, but I find the anatomy scan to be extra nerve-racking.  Here I am in the waiting room the morning of my anatomy scan.

For many pregnancies, the anatomy scan is the last ultrasound.  It’s called the anatomy scan because –you guessed it– the sonographer and doctor spend A LOT of time checking out both your and your little one’s anatomy.  They check your ovaries, cervix, and placenta.  Then they check pretty much everything on your baby!  Brain, heart, liver, kidneys… Everything!  They take about a million different measurements to find out how your little one is developing.  And if you’re lucky, your little one will cooperate and the sonographer will be able to tell if you if your baby is a boy or girl!  The whole process takes about two hours.

Adam and I decided to find out during the ultrasound if we were expecting a boy or girl.  Some people choose to let the sonographer write the baby’s sex down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope for a later surprise.  Adam and I decided it was something we wanted to know immediately, so we found out and kept the secret from everyone else 🙂

After our anatomy scan we headed to Get Iced Cupcakes to order some pink-filled sweets.  If you’re in the triangle area, I highly suggest you check out Get Iced Cupcakes.  They make amazingly delicious cupcakes and are always willing to take on custom requests (they’ve now done 3 custom orders for me and they never disappoint!).  Even though C doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, we wanted to celebrate the news of his baby sister.  Here’s C enjoying his cupcake…

A few days after my anatomy scan, we had a mini-gender reveal party.  It was family and a few neighbors I’ve known my whole life, and it was so much fun!  My mom ordered a beautiful pink and blue floral arrangement and balloons.  She also made up two delicious punches (or so I hear… the pink had alcohol so I stuck to blue!).  I found some simple, cute pink and blue cutlery at the dollar store along with some cute green take-out boxes.  I filled them with pink candy for guests to take home.  Everyone brought an appetizer to share, and nobody went hungry!

Since Adam and I knew the baby’s gender before everyone else, we took care of the cake.  We decided to go with a cake since we did cupcakes with C earlier in the week.  We looked at a few custom bakeries, but since we only had a few days to plan things, we decided to go with Target.  They make great cakes and are really affordable– plus they could have the cake ready in 24 hours!  When I was pregnant with C, we made our own gender reveal cake and my dad cut the cake (my mom went to the ultrasound with us so she was in on the secret).  This time it was just Adam and I at the appointment, so my mom did the honors.  As soon as she cut open the cake she screamed “IT’S PINK!”

What do you think about the gender reveal party trend?
What’s the most creative way you’ve seen someone announce their baby’s gender?
What’s your favorite kind of cake/cupcake?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! + 2014 Highlights

Happy 2015!  I can’t believe it’s a new year!  I don’t really buy into New Years Resolutions, but I do believe in being reflective and continuously trying to better yourself.  I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on 2014 and today I’m sharing some of those thoughts with you!  Here are some of my 2014 highlights… Make sure you check out the links for some of my fave 2014 posts!

6.  HighHeels2HiddenToys becomes FitPinkMom
When I started 2014, my blog was HH2HT.  As the year progressed I found myself feeling somewhat pigeonholed.  I wanted the blog to have a different feel, so in July I completely relaunched and FPM was born!  Since creating FPM, I’ve met some awesome local bloggers and joined the Girls Run Fast Ambassador Team.  While the process of a complete blog makeover was pretty exhausting, I’m so happy with FPM!

5.  I Ran A Half-freaking-Marathon (WHAT?!)
Seriously, I can’t believe this actually happened.  I know I’ve said it 100 times, but really guys… 13.1 miles?!  Holy Cow!  How did I ever do it?  Crossing that finish line felt like so many things… Shock, pride, runger 😉  Completing a half is definitely one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, and I’m looking forward to running another one -hopefully- this year!

4.  The Big Three-O!
I turned thirty this year!  What a milestone!  I really thought I’d have a complete meltdown at 30.  After all, 30 means you’re officially “old,” right?  Wrong!  The truth is– physically and mentally, I feel better than ever.  While my life is -and never will be- perfect, I feel so happy and blessed.

3.  C is a Big Boy
I’m amazed when I think of C a year ago compared to how he is now.  He is such a funny, loving, ball of energy.  He turned 2 this year and started preschool!  He talks up a storm and we’re even working on potty training.  We recently took a trip to Disney and had an amazing time.  While part of me aches for that eight and a half pound newborn, I love seeing his personality shine and the young man he’s becoming.

2.  Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary
C’s second birthday was on mine and Adam’s fifth anniversary!  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we said “I do.”  We celebrated our anniversary with a toddler-free weekend at the beach.  We missed him tons, but he was in great hands with his grandparents and we enjoyed eating at a restaurant that doesn’t have chicken nuggets.

1.  We’re Having Another Baby!
It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this still!  I found out on August 29 that Adam and I are going to be parents again!  This pregnancy has gone by so quickly.  At 23 weeks pregnant, we’re over halfway there!  While there have been many great moments of 2014, hearing baby #2’s heartbeat for the first time definitely takes the cake!

Make sure you stop by on Wednesday for more details about Bump 2.0… Including whether we’re Team Pink or Team Blue 😉

If you had to pick 3 highlights from 2014, what would they be?
What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
Blogging tips