Saturday, August 30, 2014

Liebster Love

Before I get started I want to offer an apology to all my lovely readers.  The last few weeks have been a little insane around here and I haven’t been as active on the blog and social media as I would like.  C starts school next week so things should calm down shortly.  I have some exciting things coming up in September and I can’t want to share them with you.  Thank you for your patience!

Last week I was honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award not once, but twice!  I was nominated by Rebecca [The Adventures of Bug and Boo] and Amy [The Not So Secret Life of the Average Mom].  The Liebster Award is like a virtual shout out among bloggers.  It’s designed to help us bloggy friends get to know each other a bit.  The Liebster Award was originally designed for bloggers with under 3,000 followers, but I’ve also read it’s for bloggers with under 200 followers, so who knows!  Here are the rules…

1.  Link back to the person who nominated you.
2.  Write 11 facts about yourself so people can learn more about you.
3.  Answer 11 questions from the nominator.
4.  After completing, nominate other bloggers.
5.  Let your nominees know they’ve been tagged.

11 Facts About Me:
1.  I’m addicted to caffeine.  I get headaches if I don’t have it in the morning.
2.  I based my Teacher of the Year Essays on Coach K’s book, Leading with the Heart.
3.  Nick Carter  was  is my favorite Backstreet Boy.
4.  Even though I said I’d never do it, I really want to complete a full marathon.
5.  I always sneeze in threes.  Weird, I know.
6.  C’s newborn pictures look exactly like mine.
7.  I had knee surgery 3 years ago.  I have a donated hamstring in my knee.  I named it Optimus Prime.
8.  I love Harry Potter.  I’ve read all the books and have all the movies.
9.  Scrubs is my favorite tv show.
10.  If it weren’t for Adam, I never would have started running.
11.  I was in labor with C for 23 hours and 32 minutes.
enjoying a Butterbeer at Harry Potter World a few summers ago

Questions from Rebecca and Amy (I picked some from each list!):
1.  What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?
Run… or binge watch Grey’s Anatomy!
2.  Which class in college/high school did you hate and why?
In college I took a Marine Ecology class hoping it would be about whales and dolphins… Sadly that was only one chapter and the majority of the class was chemistry and ocean tides.  Not fun!
3.  What types of books to you enjoy reading?
I usually like books that take me to a different world, like Harry Potter.  I also enjoy chick lit books by Jane Green.  I’m currently reading Blog INC.
4.  What’s the hardest thing you’ve learned in the last 5 years?
How to be confident in my beliefs and not let others influence my decisions.
5.  How long have you been blogging?
I launched HighHeels2HiddenToys in November 2013.  I relaunched/rebranded a little over a month ago.
6.   How do you spend time away from your kids?
Sleep!  There’s NOTHING like a deep sleep when you know the monitor is off.  Also, I like to go to non-kid-friendly restaurants when we’re kid-free.
7.  What appeals to you most about writing?
I’ve always been a literacy person.  I enjoy writing/blogging because I like connecting with others.  Also, it’s a way to combat mommy-brain.
8.  Other than being a parent, what else do you like to blog about?
I’m very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and being the best version of myself.  I also love writing about issues regarding body image.  
9.  What’s your favorite dinner recipe?
10.  What’s unique about your blog?
It’s important to me this blog reflect who I truly am– not who I want others to think I am.  I’ve written some very raw and vulnerable posts regarding body image and my own struggles.  These are some of my most popular posts because others can relate.  When I originally posted about Make Ahead Meals I got a huge positive response.  It seemed that was something relatively new in the blog world.
11.  Share one guilty pleasure!
I love me some Bachelor/Bachelorette!  I’m currently sucked into Bachelor in Paradise!
My Nominees:
2.  Brooke | Frugal Trophy Wife
3.  Bethany | I Was Promised More Naps
4.  Bren | Perfectly Imperfect Mom
5.  Caprece | Mommie Knows Fresh

Nominee Questions:
1.  Why did you start blogging?
2.  Do you think your blog falls into other categories besides a “mommy blog?”
3.  Do you have any hidden talents?
4.  What’s your favorite season and why?
5.  Do you prefer to cook at home or eat out?
6.  Share one of your favorite memories.
7.  Where was your last vacation?
8.  What is your favorite quote?
9.  What’s your favorite post you’ve written?
10.  What celebrity would you absolutely go “fan girl crazy” if you met?
11.  Who is someone you look up to and why?

Please don’t forget to check out Rebecca and Amy, along with my nominees!  Have a great weekend 🙂

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tempo Runs Explained [Guest Post by Sue from This Mama Runs for Cupcakes]

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my hints this week…

I am so excited to welcome Sue [This Mama Runs For Cupcakes] to post on Fit Pink Mom today!  Sue’s blog was one of the first running blogs I started to follow and it remains one of my favorites today.  She is a hilarious writer and her posts are so informative.  Sue recently posted a series about hill workouts that every runner should read!

After I completed my half I searched for some online training plans trying to figure out what to do next.  Every training plan I came across talked about tempo runs, but none of the plans actually explained what that means.  One morning I was running and thought to myself “Sue blogs about tempo runs in her training, I bet she could help me out!”

Lucky for me (& all of you!) Sue agreed to be Fit Pink Mom’s very first guest post, and she’s here to not only explain tempo runs but how you can fit them into your running routine.

Hey everyone! Caroline asked me to stop by today to talk to ya’ll about tempo runs.  If you had asked me about 6 or 7 months ago what a tempo run was I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

I first discovered tempo runs when I started really focusing on my training and trying to make improvements on my speed. I started using the Run Less Run Faster (I will refer to it as RLRF) plan to get me to my goal race for the spring, the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.  My goal was to run the half marathon in 1 hour and 50 minutes.  That was a significant change from my last half marathon which came in at 2:02. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to make that happen, 12 minutes is a pretty big chunk of time.

One of the key principles of the RLRF is 3 key runs:  A speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run. The main idea is to have 3 quality runs (vs. quantity). There are a million training plans out there to choose from, some are mileage heavy and have you running 5-6 times per week and some are a bit lighter, such as RLRF.  You really have to make each run count with the RLRF plan. But instead of going into more detail on RLRF, I wanted to talk about tempo runs, what they are and WHY they are so important if you are looking to increase your speed and/or distance!

A tempo run is basically running at a hard effort for a certain period of time. The goal is to reach your anaerobic threshold (the point where your body starts using glycogen for fuel instead of fat).  It may also be referred to as a lactate-threshold run (LT run).

“During tempo runs, lactate and hydrogen ions—by-products of metabolism—are released into the muscles. The ions make the muscles acidic, eventually leading to fatigue. The better trained you become, the higher you push your “threshold,” meaning your muscles become better at using these by-products. The result is less-acidic muscles (that is, muscles that haven’t reached their new “threshold”), so they keep on contracting, letting you run farther and faster.”  (Runner’s World)

So how do you know when you reach that point you ask? Great question!! A tempo run should be based on effort versus pace.  Don’t look to hit a certain pace,  you want to run fast enough that you can’t carry on a conversation. If you can talk easily to your BRF (best running friend) running next to you, you aren’t working hard enough. The tempo zone should be somewhere in the middle where you can talk in broken sentences.  So, a tempo run isn’t an easy run, but it’s not an extremely hard effort like a speed workout at a track would be, it’s somewhere in the middle.

I have been a HUGE fan of tempo runs. My typical tempo run consists of 1 mile at an easy effort, 3-5 miles at a hard effort, followed by 1 mile at an easy effort as a cool down. They seem to be the runs that I am really able to nail and do well at for some reason, I’m not really sure why.  I typically do mine on a treadmill because my weekday running is limited due to the kiddos. I can’t push a stroller anymore because it totally ruins my form. So, if you are really looking to make some improvements, I would highly recommend you try to incorporate one tempo run a week and see what happens!

Do you incorporate tempo runs into your training?
Have you read RLRF?
What’s your favorite kind if cupcake? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Toxic Friends – Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

I recently turned 30, and I’ve reflected a lot on my three decades.  It got me thinking of the many friendships I’ve experienced.  Childhood friendships were so simple and innocent.  Drama filled most middle school friendships where every other day was the end of the world.  In high school and college, friendships were pretty much the only thing that mattered.  Then there’s the adult friendships, which can be difficult to form once you’re a resident of Mommyville.  I have best friends of 10+ years who have turned into acquaintances and acquaintances who have turned into best friends over a few short months.  I came across this image on Pinterest and thought, Man, this is SOO true!


The main reason I’ve lost and gained friends as an adult is due to lifestyle choices.  One of my closest friends is almost 5 years younger than me.  Our sons are the same age and we go to church together.  You’d never know I was teaching full time when she was finishing up high school!  On the other hand, I’ve lost touch with friends my age because they spend their weekends bar hopping downtown while my weekends consist of trains and playgrounds.  Neither lifestyle is necessarily right or wrong, but our priorities are different right now.  Then there’s the lifelong friends.  The ones you may not see all the time, and you may not even be living the same lifestyle, but somehow you always manage to pick up right where you left off.

But what about the friendships you choose to end?  I’ve definitely had my fair share of those.  I believe some friendships are just plain toxic.  Not necessarily people, but the relationship.  When you’re an adult, and especially when you’re a parent, toxic friendships are not worth it.  Any parent knows there’s never enough hours in the day.  Why waste precious time?  Reflecting on thirty years of friendships– past, current, faithful, sincere, and even the toxic… I’ve learned a lot.  One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is this: sometimes it’s better to walk away from a friendship than continue something toxic.  It’s not easy, but in the end it’s worth every bit of heartache.  Here are 5 toxic friends I’ve walked away from, and I’m so glad I did!

The Holier Than Thou
This friend is better than everyone.  It’s not just what they say but how they say it.  Everything you do is sub-par.  They know more than you– about everything.  When I was pregnant someone told me I shouldn’t bother trying to nurse because 90% of women’s milk just dries up out of nowhere.  -awkward silence-  I won’t even go into how much this upset me because anyone who knows anything about nursing knows this statement is 100% bologna.  If 90% of women just stopped producing milk, I’m pretty sure the human race would have died out because formula hasn’t been around that long.  Anyway, moving on… The Holier Than Thou makes you doubt and question yourself.  If you constantly feel inferior after spending time with a friend, it’s time to walk away.

The Critic
The Critic has nothing nice to say.  Ever.  About anyone.  She’s probably funny and charismatic and that may draw you in, but don’t let that fool you.  Her words are hateful.  I’ve known people like this and I noticed the more time I spent with them, the more critical I became.  Not a quality I like in myself.  If you know someone who is so critical they have nothing nice to say, it’s time to move on.

The Debbie Downer
This one is hard.  I’ve known several Debbie Downers.  I find myself wanting to be there for Debbie and trying to help her through things– we all have issues from time to time, right?  However, Debbie constantly has issues, and she’s always the victim.  The world is out to get her and nothing is ever fair.  If a friend is constantly bringing you down, it’s time to distance yourself.

The All About Me
The All About Me is similar to The Debbie Downer.  Everything is always about her– although unlike Debbie, it’s not necessarily negative.  I had a friend who would call and ask one question about me, and then use it to bring up the real reason she called– to talk about herself.  Usually she would pretend to ask advice, but cut me off to tell me what she’d already decided.  One time I had her on blue-tooth in the car.  I parked, got out of car, searched for a paci in the diaper bag, and got back in.  She didn’t notice, had absolutely no clue.  If your conversations are always one-sided, it’s time to say goodbye.

The Gossip
The Gossip is the worst in my opinion.  The Gossip is consumed with obsessing over others.  She’s similar to The Critic as most of what she has to say is negative.  I don’t trust people who are constantly speaking negatively about others.  If someone trashes someone to you, they’re probably trashing you to someone else.  If you have a friend who only talks badly about others, you need to run.  Fast.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve seen glimpses of these toxic friends in myself.  I’ve been critical and I’ve gossiped about others.  There’s been times I was so consumed with what’s going on in my own life I probably wasn’t there for my friends as much as they deserve.  There’s good and bad about everyone, and we are all capable of negative behaviors.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where the negative behavior is consistent and constant, it’s probably time to reevaluate the friendship.  Is it a positive, functional, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationship… Or is it just plain toxic?  I’d much rather have a few quality friends than many toxic ones.


Have you encountered any of these toxic friends?  What do you do when you realize a friendship is toxic?
Why do you think you’ve lost/gained friends through the years?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Slow Cooker Golden Mushroom Pork & Apples {Make Ahead Meal}

Today I’m sharing the recipe for Slow Cooker Golden Mushroom Pork & Apples from Campbell’s Kitchen.  It’s one of my favorite Make Ahead Meals!  [If you’re new around here, find out how I prep Make Ahead Meals!]  I love this recipe for a few reasons…
     1-  It’s a crock pot recipe, so it’s super easy.
     2-  I love the apples in this recipe; it tastes like fall.
     3-  It’s very filling but low in calories and fat [1 serving: 278 calories, 9g fat].

Here’s what you need:
1 can condensed golden mushroom soup
1/2 C water
1 T brown sugar
1 T worcestershire suace
1 t dried thyme leaves
2 boneless pork chops
2 large granny smith apples (sliced)
1/2 C onion (chopped) 

Stir the soup, water, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, and thyme in a bowl.  Pour into a Ziploc bag and add the pork, apples, and onions.  Place in refrigerator.

On the morning you’re planning to eat your Golden Mushroom Pork & Apples, take Ziploc bag out of refrigerator and pour into slow cooker.  Cook on low for 8-9 hours or until pork is cooked through.

That’s it!  Super easy!  I served it with rice and a side salad.

See more Make Ahead Meal Recipes!

How do you meal plan?
What’s your favorite slow cooker recipe?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exciting News + #IceBucketChallenge

It’s been a little over a month since I relaunched/rebranded and I’ve learned a lot!  I feel great about the direction things are going and I feel at home as a fitness/mommy blogger.  One of the most exciting things that’s happened since Fit Pink Mom was born is… Drum roll please…. Becoming a Girls Run Fast Ambassador!

I follow a lot of bloggers who are ambassadors for various companies and businesses.  I researched a ton trying to find one that meshed with my personality and blog.  When I came across Girls Run Fast, I just fell in love!  The owners, Meghan and Jason Strong, are hands on.  They’re a husband/wife team who created Girls Run Fast while training for their first marathon.  They couldn’t find any runner jewelry they liked, so Meghan and Jason created their own!  They believe in taking on challenges and inner strength.  Girls Run Fast focuses on being healthy and strong– not fitting into a certain size.  The Girls Run Fast community has a passion for exercise, but also believes in living your life.

Soon after I was welcomed into the Girls Run Fast family, this tweet popped up in my feed…

I have to admit these past few weeks I’ve been a little unsure about this whole ice bucket craze.  Wouldn’t it make more sense just to donate money?  Maybe… But since the Ice Bucket Challenge kicked off, the ALS Association has raised over 11 million dollars!  That’s more than 9 million more than this time last year.  Clearly the campaign is working, so I was excited to participate.  Now I’m challenging Carla [Real Into], Carly [Fine Fit Day], & Sharon [Run-Hike-Play].  I’m also challenging ALL of my fabulous readers to consider making a donation to the ALS Association.  The viral videos are funny, but funding research for a cure is what this is really about.  No donation is too small, so please think about it.  Okay, here’s my video…

Ah!  So cold!

Have you completed the Ice Bucket Challenge?
What’s the funniest Ice Bucket Challenge you’ve seen?

Monday, August 18, 2014

30 Feels Pretty Good!

For the better part of two decades, every time I saw a photo of myself my first thought was something along the lines of:  ugh, do I really look like THAT?!  It’s sad, but it’s true.  It wasn’t until my 30th birthday crept closer things started to change.  I don’t know if it’s motherhood, running, maturity (what?!), or some combination, but I’m entering my 30s with a sense of confidence I’ve never experienced before.

I have a lot of friends who also have that hateful voice in their head when it comes to photos.  I hear my friends say these things and think Are they crazy?!  They look great!  It makes me so sad to hear my friends hate on themselves because, to me, they are all beautiful, amazing women.   I decided to silence my own self-loathing.

Because of my inner-critic and the fact that I’m constantly chasing a toddler, I have very few photos of myself.  I have about a million of my son, at least half a million of my son and husband, and quite a few of the dogs, but not many of me.  This got me thinking about the future.  Will I remember what this confidence feels like in 10 years?  30 years?  50 years?  Will I remember how strong I feel and how much, for the first time ever, I love myself– both inside and out?

This prompted me to do something crazy.  Something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.  I booked a photo session– just for me.  A full 3 hours, sans hubby and toddler.  Just a makeup/hair stylist, photographer, and me.

I searched and searched for the perfect photographer.  I wanted someone who could take beautiful photos, but I also wanted someone who understood why I was doing this.  I wanted a photographer who would do more than sit behind a camera, snapping away.  When I came across Cari from Carisa Chee Photography, I knew she was the photographer for me.

I contacted Cari and she immediately felt more like a friend than a photographer.  The day of my session I was extremely nervous.  Halfway through the hour-ish trip to her studio I had the strong urge to turn around and head home.  What was I thinking?  What if I go through all this and don’t have a single decent photo?  What a punch to the gut that would be!

Once I arrived I did my best to suppress my butterflies– fake it till you make it, right?  Cari and I spoke about what I wanted and I was off to the hair/makeup chair.  Cari was the perfect photographer from start to finish.  She posed me so I felt confident and comfortable.  Every 5 minutes I heard “oh gosh, you are BEAUTIFUL!” (what girl doesn’t want to hear that?!).  Cari showed me a few previews on her camera and, you know what?  I was beautiful.  By the end of my session, Cari was practically my bestie 🙂

After a few long days of waiting  patiently , it was time to see my proofs.  This time my mom joined me.  I needed someone who would tell me the truth and help me sift through images (or someone to hold me while I sobbed if all the photos turned out horrible).  When Cari first meets with clients to go over proofs, she shows the photos completely unedited.  No retouching.  She does this because she wants her clients to see how beautiful they really are.  This is one of the reasons I chose her, but it also had me very scared.  I’ve come a long way when it comes to accepting my body– especially post-baby.  However, it’s one thing to stand in front of a mirror in your bedroom.  It’s quite another to see photos of you on a wide-screen television with two other people.

I almost cried when I saw the photos.  I couldn’t believe it was me.  Sure I had my hair and makeup done, but it was me.  There was no photoshop or hair extensions.  I didn’t look 20 pounds lighter or 10 years younger, and every once in a while you could see the silvery lines I earned from carrying my son for 41 weeks.  I could see all my imperfections– and I loved them.  That’s part of what makes me who I am.  As I left, I was shocked to hear myself say these words (and mean them!):  “I don’t really want my photos retouched too much.  Just try to smooth tan lines.  I want my final photos to still look like me.”

My daily beauty routine consists of running clothes, a ponytail, and sunscreen.  My daily activities include things like story time, tot time, the playground, or pool.  Mommy-mode is beautiful, but it’s also all-consuming.  The title of “Mom” comes with countless roles:  chef, nurse, maid, entertainer, negotiator.  It’s a lot.  While I wouldn’t trade the title of  “Mom” for anything in the world, it’s important I remember I’m not just a mom.  I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend.  I’m a woman.  One day I’ll be old and I’ll think about my life.  I have no doubt the memories made with my family will be my fondest.  However, thanks to Cari and her beautiful photos, I’ll also be able to remember I am strong, brave, and beautiful.

The whole experience was amazing and empowering and I think it’s something every woman should do.  Whether you book a session with a professional photographer –if you’re in the NC area I completely recommend you contact Cari– or stage your own little session at home.  Every woman deserves photos where she feels absolutely beautiful.

Okay, I’ve talked a lot about these photos, so it’s only fair I share some with you, right?  They’re not perfect, but I love them.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet with Cari and have her as my photographer.  She helped me see my beauty and remind myself I’m more than ponytails, playgrounds, and running shoes.

Disclaimer:  I contacted Cari asking if it would be okay for me to blog about my experience.  She loved the idea and provided me with the three digital images above.  Aside from the images, I was not compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions are completely my own.

Do you fear the camera?
Have you ever booked a portrait session just for you?
How do you remind yourself you’re more than a mom/wife/daughter/etc?
What’s something that makes you feel truly beautiful?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#100SummerMiles + BETA! {My Training Diary 8.14}

Today is my third week linking up with Kendwy [MindofKiwi] and Veronica [VeroSays] for #100SummerMiles!  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Go here!  I got 10 miles in this week, which makes for a total of 31 miles in 3 weeks!  I’m finally getting back in the groove with a schedule and I’m feeling great.  I may not get 100 miles by the end of September, but I think 100 miles in 10 weeks is doable.

I didn’t take a lot of pics on my walks/run this week, so I’ll share some quotes that helped me through the week instead.

This week I started the Beta round of T25.  I am LOVING it!

Alpha is designed to give you the foundation.  It’s for learning correct form.  I enjoyed it and it works, but I was getting a bit burned out.  Beta was JUST what I needed to give me a new sense of determination.  The combinations are more difficult and the progressions are more complex.  There’s an amazing ab progression that is super difficult but it feels so great!  Beta has one-legged burpees!  How amazingly killer is that?!  Luckily I had this pup to help me out 🙂

What workouts have you done this week?
How do you feel about one-legged burpees?
What’s the most difficult exercise you’ve ever done?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If You Give A Toddler A Pancake…

We all know the beloved children’s story If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  You know, the one where the mouse gets a cookie, and then he wants a glass of milk, a straw, a mirror, and the list goes on and on until he wants another cookie.  It’s a great book!

Recently I realized toddlerhood can be a cyclical process, much like the mouse and the cookie.  In some ways we relive the same things over and over, but at the same time, anything is possible!

So here’s a typically action-packed morning in our household.  It usually starts with a pancake…

If you give a toddler a pancake, he’s going to want to sit on the couch.  You let him sit on the couch because you don’t feel like starting the day with a power struggle.

But if you let him sit on the couch, the pancake is well within the dog’s reach, so the pancake inevitably gets snatched.

 If  When the dog snatches the toddler’s pancake, you’re going to have to tell your dog “no!”  When this happens a toddler may take it upon himself to kick the dog, so said toddler needs a time out.

When you give a toddler a time out, chances are you’re going to listen to two miserable minutes of kicking and screaming.  Time to make some more coffee and pray your neighbors don’t call child protective services…

Once the time out is finished and the toddler is starting to resemble Bruce Banner over The Hulk, you take out some toys for a much needed distraction.  Trains all around!  If a toddler has his trains, he’s going to need his tracks, map, and cars.

All that playing is tiring so he might crawl onto the couch for a little rest.  Once on the couch he’ll remember how much he loves pillows!  He’ll start throwing them on the floor.  This will remind him pillows are bouncy, which will remind him of how much he loves to jump!

By now the toddler is having a great time jumping all around!  You look at him enjoying himself, having a ball, and then you see it.  A little smirk, a flash in his eye.  He’s feeling brave.  He’s going to jump off the couch.

Frantically you lunge, slow motion style.  NOOOOOOO!


Face-plant.  You were too late.

You immediately scoop up the toddler, checking for bumps, bruises, and blood.  PHEW!  He’s in one piece and just needs some snuggles.

If you give a toddler some snuggles, he’s going to calm down.  You do some belly breathing and once he’s calm and quiet, he’ll hear his tummy rumble.  His tummy rumbling will remind him he’s hungry, and chances are if a toddler is hungry…

He’s going to ask for a pancake!

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Do you have your own “If you give a mouse…” cycle?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fleet Feet Trip & New Shoes Tips

It’s no secret I love Fleet Feet [find out why!].  The people are always wonderful and I’m never disappointed with their service or products.  I’ve logged quite a few miles on my Brooks and lately I’ve had a bit of shin pain, so it was time to make a Fleet Feet trip.

My gait has changed a bit since I was originally fitted, most likely due to becoming a more efficient runner, so I did a whole new fitting.  I’m so glad I did because I settled on these Sauconys.  It’s funny because I honestly felt a little guilty trying something besides Brooks.  My Brooks got me through a lot!  However, it’s not like I was married to my Brooks and the Sauconys were super comfy, so I decided to give them a try.

I splurged on the SuperFeet.  My birthday is right around the corner and I figured– why not?  I love, love, love the SuperFeet!  I can tell such a difference.

I also invested in some performance socks.  Socks are something I never paid much attention to.  The only pair of performance socks I own is because I had a coupon for a free pair.  I use them on my long runs and they’re comfy, but most of the time I use just plain old socks.  I’ve had several blisters and lost a few toenails so I decided to treat myself to some socks.  I chose these because they were affordable [3 pair for $20] and I love the bright colors 🙂

I’ve been running for over a year now and lately people have been asking me running advice.  I find this funny because in a lot of ways I still feel like a newbie runner!  Anyway, one of the things I get asked about the most is shoes.  Shoes can make running miserable or amazing, and it’s such an individual process for each runner.  The wrong shoes can feel like bricks and the right shoes feel like clouds!

Disclaimer:  I am definitely not trained in anyway to fit someone for shoes.  All opinions are based on my personal experience.

I 100% recommend visiting Fleet Feet [or another running store] for a professional fitting.  However, I know not everyone is lucky enough to live close to a Fleet Feet, so here are a few things you should consider before purchasing new shoes…

1.  Arch
Most people have one of three types of arches– normal, flat, or high.  Knowing about your arch is important because it lets you know how your foot hits the ground and where you may need support.  When I visited Fleet Feet they checked out my arch both sitting and standing to determine what kind of support I need.  You can get an idea of what kind of arch you have by giving yourself the wet foot test.

2.  Pronation
Pronation describes how your foot hits the ground.  It’s how your body absorbs shock.  Rolling inward is called overpronation.  Rolling outward is called underpronation or supination.  Normal pronation occurs when your foot stays mostly straight and the weight is distributed evenly.  Knowing your pronation type will help you find shoes with support in the right places.  If you’re able to visit a Fleet Feet [or another running store], they will watch you walk and run to determine your pronation.  However, if you don’t have a Fleet Feet near you, this article from Runner’s World might help you understand your pronation.

3.  Comfort
Once you know about your arch and pronation style, the rest is personal preference.  It’s important to find shoes that feel good to you!  The people at Fleet Feet are wonderful because they encouraged me to take my time trying on different shoes.  I walked and jogged around the store and even the shopping center.  It came down to the Brooks and Sauconys.  They were both great shoes for me, but in the end the Sauconys won.  The Brooks slipped slightly in the heel, and it was enough to help me decide.

Once you have an idea of what kind of shoe you need, what’s next?  Well, I recommend doing your research before you shop.  DSW has their running shoes categorized by pronation.  Runner’s World has a great little quiz that suggests shoes for you.  I also read a lot of reviews.  Amazon is my favorite place for reviews because there’s usually a ton!

I hope you find this information helpful.  Again, I am in no way trained to fit people for running shoes.  All information shared is based on my personal experience.  See if there’s a Fleet Feet near you!

*Just like my previous post about Fleet Feet, I was not compensated in any way by Fleet Feet or anyone else for this post.  All opinions are my own and I happen to think Fleet Feet rocks 🙂

Have you been professionally fitted for running shoes?
What are your favorite running shoes?  Do you stick to one brand or switch it up?
What’s a tip you would share with someone looking into their first pair of running shoes?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

#100SummerMiles + Sauconys {My Training Diary: 8.7}

I’m linking up Kendwy [MindofKiwi] and Veronica [VeroSays] again this week for #100SummerMiles!  I’ve had so much fun seeing what everyone’s been up to on social media.  It’s such a supportive and encouraging vibe.  You don’t have to be a blogger to get in on the fun, just active on Instagram or Twitter.  Read more about how you can join us!

This week I got new shoes!  I also got purple hair!  I decided to say good-bye to my 20s with a bold new look 🙂

Okay, back to the shoes… I visited my fave people at Fleet Feet and did a whole new fitting.  I won’t say too much more because I have a post coming up about the experience and how I just love Fleet Feet.  Seriously, it’s the best place ever.  I opted for a pair of Sauconys this time.  I feel kinda bad cheating on my Brooks, but they were great shoes.  Here are Adam and I after a 3 mile run.

After our run I think I was THE sweatiest I’ve ever been.  Seriously, it was ridiculous.  I cursed myself for wearing capris (I need to catch up on laundry!).  I sat on C’s changing pad in the car to keep sweat off my seats.  The NC heat/humidity is killing me, y’all!  Here are some pics to show you just how sweaty I was (although the pics don’t really do it justice!).

I logged a total of 11 miles this week.  Most were walking, but all of them were with my sidekick!

These guys joined us for a 4 mile walk.

I made it to Zumba this week!  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I went.  I can’t wait to go back next week.  I also continued with T25.  I took it easy because my shins aren’t 100%, but they’re feeling better so I’m on my way!  I also kept up with chest/back and arms/shoulders workouts (I’ve been doing then while watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns).  I didn’t get any speedwork in this week, but I plan to get some in tomorrow.  Here are my stats from the week…

What workouts did you get in this week?
Do you think you can log #100SummerMiles?
What’s your favorite athletic shoe brand?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blogger Confessions [lessons of a relaunch]

It’s officially been a month since HighHeels2HiddenToys became Fit Pink Mom!  I can’t believe it!  It feels like it was yesterday and forever ago at the same time.  I’ve learned A LOT from the whole experience and I’m very excited about the direction things are going.

To celebrate Fit Pink Mom’s 1 month birthday, I’m offering up some confessions.  Things I’ve learned [& relearned] with this whole relaunch process.  So here we go, my lessons of a blog relaunch!

This pic makes me laugh because I took it at 1am while drowning in html & kicking myself for considering the relaunch 🙂

Confession… Until I relaunched, I never really utilized Twitter or Google Plus.  Before FPM I used twitter to announce posts and that was about it.  I didn’t even have a g+ account set up.  Once I started putting out more than just announcement-like tweets, my traffic jumped and I found myself virtually bumping into some pretty awesome bloggers.  I actually enjoy twitter now!  My blogger account is linked to g+ which makes it pretty easy to use.  I enjoy the g+ community feature.  I’ve found some great communities for moms, runners, and bloggers.

Confession… Those verification codes are annoying!  I forgot how annoying because I eventually stopped following blogs that make you do those codes.  Maybe it’s the mommy-brain, but half the time I get the code wrong.  If you have this enabled and I comment on your blog, take it as a HUGE compliment…. And if you want to turn it off, go here!

Confession… I’m finally on an organized posting schedule.  It’s kinda ridiculous I made it almost a year with no real schedule.  With HH2HT I wrote about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  As I looked over my archives I’d see weeks where I did lots of recipes, then I had weeks I only focused on running.  While I believe in writing about what you want, I think it’s important to be balanced.  Caroline [Do It All Working Mom] recently did an awesome post about her blog binder.  I found it incredibly helpful!

Confession… I need time limits.  When I first started out I would get so excited about a post I’d completely dive into blog-world for hours.  I found myself feeling burned out.  Now I don’t let myself blog for more than an hour at a time.  An hour is enough time to work on some quality content but not long enough to be exhausting.

Confession… There are a lot of awesome resources available for mommy bloggers.  I originally registered with TopMommyBlogs, but didn’t do much else.  I recently registered for BloggyMoms.  Once I actually started using these networks I discovered they were so helpful!  I love all the various groups for different bloggers.

Confession… I’m pickier when it comes to working with businesses.  In the past I was so excited just to be approached by a business, I sometimes tried to force something that wasn’t really me.  I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Treat and it was a very organic process.  I thought “ah, this is what working with businesses should be like!”  Since I relaunched I’m more picky, and that’s okay!

Can you relate to any of my confessions?
Have you ever relaunched?
What’s a blogging confession you want to get off your chest?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Don’t Fear The Dumbbells! – Chest & Back [workout]

Last month I shared some of my favorite arms and shoulders dumbbell exercises.  This month I’m sharing a few of my favorite exercises for the chest and back!  I love these exercises because, just like with the arms and shoulders workout, all you need is a set of dumbbells.  I use anywhere from 10-15 lbs, depending on the exercise.  It’s important to listen to your body and choose weight that feels challenging but doable.  I’m able to do more weight with the chest exercises.  Make sure to record how much weight you use so know when it’s time to up the pounds!

My favorite exercise from this workout is the Renegade Row.  I love it because it pretty much works everything above the waist!  If you don’t have a lot of time, this is a great exercise for you.  Ten Renegade Rows here, ten there… You’ll be feeling it in no time!

I also want to add for the Chest Press and Chest Flys, I do them on the floor, not on a bench like in the tutorials.  So don’t stress if you don’t have a bench!

Chest Press
Reverse Flys
Chest Flys
Renegade Row

Disclaimer:  While I always strive to share correct information regarding health and fitness, I am not a medical or health professional.  All views and opinions of Fit Pink Mom are based on my own personal experiences.  By reading Fit Pink Mom you agree not to use this blog as health advice in place of consulting your physician.  Additionally, you fully assume risk of injury and Fit Pink Mom is not liable.
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