Friday, July 25, 2014

A Treat For My Aunt & Uncles [a guest post by C]

Hi everyone!  I’m C and I’m almost two years old.  My mommy is the blogger behind Fit Pink Mom, but I’m letting her take a break today.  Today I’m blogging because today is a VERY special day!  Today is Aunt and Uncle Day!  I am so lucky because I have my Uncle Joe, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Rob.  Here I am with my Aunt and Uncles!

Uncle Rob and Uncle Joe are Mommy’s younger brothers.

Aunt Laura has been my aunt my whole life, but her and Uncle Rob recently got married so now everything’s “official.”

Anyway, since it’s Aunt and Uncle Day, and I’m so lucky to have my Aunt and Uncles, Mommy said I could tell you all how special they are!

Uncle Rob is an engineer and lived in Iowa when I was really little.  Thankfully he now works in North Carolina so I get to see him lots.  Aunt Laura is a lawyer.  That means she had to go to school for a long time and works really hard.  Uncle Rob and Aunt Laura like to make funny faces.  They like to play catch with me!

Uncle Joe is still in school.  He wants to be an engineer too.  He babysits me a lot and we play “up.”  That’s when I sit on his back and he does push-ups!  I think it’s more fun than he does [I don’t know why!].  A Taco Bell run is usually involved with Uncle Joe is around.

Since my Aunt and Uncles are special, Mommy helped me make them a Treat.

Did you know Shutterfly has a whole section called TreatTreat is kinda like Shutterfly, but instead of photographs and photo books it focuses on greeting cards.  Mommy and I spent a looong time trying to find the perfect cards for Rob, Laura, and Joe for Aunt and Uncle Day.  We looked mostly in the “thinking about you” section.

Instead of just regular old greeting cards, Treat lets you personalize cards.  This was perfect for Aunt and Uncle Day because sometimes it’s hard to find the right card!  I chose a card with bacon on it for Joe because he loves him some bacon!

Treat also lets you add your own photos.  Mommy and I looked at lots of pictures to find the perfect ones for my cards!  Here is the photo I chose for Aunt Laura and Uncle Rob’s card.  I picked this photo because it was the day they got engaged!

Ordering the cards was super duper easy.  Treat has an app so you can do everything right from your phone!

Treat is pretty awesome and I’m so happy with how my cards turned out.  Treat helped me make the perfect treat for my Uncle Rob, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Joe!

Thanks for reading my very first guest post!  I hope you give Treat a try.  Happy Aunt and Uncle Day to my very special Aunt and Uncles!


Disclaimer:  Aside from credits for the cards we created, we were not compensated in any way for this review.  All opinions are our own.

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