Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Backyard Flower Bed [DIY]

Once upon a time I was Pinteresting.  I came across a bricked-lined flower bed and thought “oh this would look great out back… it won’t be so hard!”

Yeah right.

So we Googled and YouTubed and came up with a plan.  This project took about a month to complete.  You could probably finish it sooner if you don’t have a toddler or mind manual labor on 100 degree days.

Anyway, here’s our Backyard Flower Bed DIY!

First we outlined where we wanted the flower bed to go with spray paint.  We wanted it to line our fence to break up all the white.

Next we dug up the sod.  This was the worst part.  It about an hour to do one fence-panel’s worth.  Although C would probably argue this was the best part.  He loved pushing the wheel barrow around.

Once the sod was gone we laid gravel along the perimeter.  This helps the bricks stay in place.

Then we laid and glued the bricks.  The bricks are anywhere between 2-4 bricks tall, depending on how the yard dips.

Finally we spread about 2-3 inches of soil, laid some landscape fabric, the topped it off with mulch!  Obviously there’s no flowers in it yet [that will be part deux!], I still need to do some research!

Do you have a flower bed/garden?  What’s your favorite thing to grow?
What’s one project that was more difficult than expected?

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