Monday, September 1, 2014

Balance Your Life

Hello everyone!  I told you I had some exciting things coming up in September, so here we go!

Every Monday I’ll team up with four awesome bloggers for a four-part collaborative post called Balance Your Life.  Each week we will share tips on how to balance your life by focusing on the Spirit, Mind, Body, and Heart.  Each part is on a separate blog, so hop around to see them all!  Meet The Balance Team…

I don’t know about you, but things have been a little crazy around here lately.  C is starting preschool so we’ve been doing all those back to school things– picking out a backpack and lunch box, going through snack schedules and t-shirt order forms, new shoes, clothes, and a haircut… It’s been busy!  Plus I can’t believe my baby is starting school!  Yes, it’s technically preschool and yes, it will be more “structured play” than actual academics, but it’s still school!

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, emotions, and stress of it all– whether you’re dealing with the back to school craziness or something else entirely.  However, it’s vital for your sanity to find a way to center yourself, a way to balance your life 🙂

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite stretching exercises.  You don’t need any fancy equipment and can do them in your home.  I like to do these first thing in the morning to help focus for the day and right before bed to help clear my mind.  So whether you find yourself drowning in school supplies or up to your eyeballs in some other kind of chaos, these stretches will help you feel ready to take on the world in just five minutes!

Child’s Pose
Happy Baby
Standing Forward Bend
Heart Opener
Shoulder Stretch

Disclaimer:  While I always strive to share correct information regarding health and fitness, I am not a medical or health professional.  All views and opinions of Fit Pink Mom are based on my own personal experiences.  By reading Fit Pink Mom you agree not to use this blog as health advice in place of consulting your physician.  Additionally, you fully assume risk of injury and Fit Pink Mom is not liable.

Now that your body is in good shape, don’t forget to work your Spirit with Heather [My Sweet Mission], Mind with Kristina & Millie [2 Crochet Hooks], and Heart with Shari [Pure Grace Farms].  You’ll feel more balanced in no time!

How do you beat the Back to School craziness?
What are your favorite stretches?
What makes you feel more balanced?  Comment below or connect on Twitter/Instagram by using #BalanceYourLife.

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