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You want to know the story behind High Heels 2 Hidden Toys?  Well you’re in luck!

I created High Heels 2 Hidden Toys to connect with others about the daily chaotic occurrences that are the toddler years.  Since I became a mom, I’ve enjoyed being able to relate and laugh with others through blogs.  My hope is that High Heels 2 Hidden Toys can help at least one other mom get ideas, laugh, or help them feel like they’re not alone.

I love high heels.  I have at least 6 pairs of black pumps in my closetHowever, I rarely (and I mean rarely) wear heels anymore.

Why?  Because I spend nearly every waking moment chasing my always-on-the-run toddler while he’s laughing, giggling, and hiding his toys all over the house (seriously, I find toys EVERYWHERE!  It’s his favorite activity!).

Each night after my son has drifted off to dreamland my husband and I pick up the house.  And almost nightly we find a car, ball, block, etc. somewhere unexpected– seriously, it’s like he’s hoarding his toys for winter.  We always laugh and joke about what goes through our son’s head as he’s hiding his prized possessions.

Then I grin to myself and think “wow, how things have changed!”  High Heels 2 Hidden Toys truly captures where my life was and where it is now… And I wouldn’t trade finding those hidden toys for anything, not even the most fabulous pair of heels.

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