Saturday, January 25, 2014

foofoo dog + Britney = face plant {My Training Diary: Week 3}

I can’t believe it’s week 3 of my training plan!  This week was waaay better than last week… mostly because I didn’t spend the majority of the week watching Bubble Guppies and taking care of a sick child 🙂  It felt so good to get back into a routine with C.

This week I logged a total of 11 miles, hit the weights 4 times, made it to Zumba, and I am feeling it!  I am so sore– GOOD sore, but SO sore!

It was in the 60s on Monday, so I got to run outside.  About a mile and a half into my run I was jammin out to some old school Britney…

And all of a sudden, this little, white, foofoo dog –who kinda looked like my little, white, foofoo dogs– started chasing me.  I didn’t see anyone else around, so I figured there was an electric fence.  So just like Forrest, I kept on running…

Then OUCH!  I looked down and saw that little, white, foofoo dog nipping at my heel.  Before I knew it, BAM!  FACE PLANT!  I was laying on the ground.  The wind had been completely knocked out of me.  I hit the ground hard!  Thankfully I was able to get my hands out in front of me so I ended up with skinned palms instead of a skinned face.  In all the commotion the dog ran off (hopefully back to his home).

I got up, caught my breath, and sighed a HUGE sigh of relief that nobody was around to see my embarrassing spill!  Then I started to run.  The fall must have given me a second wind because I ended up running 4 miles total– which is longer than I’ve ever run before!  So I’m almost 1/3 of the way to a half-marathon 🙂

I’ve been kinda a slacker in the lifting department lately, so I decided to hit the weights hard this week.  With the help of a fabulously-fit friend, I developed a plan that focuses on 4 muscle groups (chest/back, hamstrings/calves, arms/shoulders, & quads/glutes).  I created lists for each muscle group with 6-8 exercises per group.  I lifted 4 days this week and each day I focused on a different muscle group.  I did 10-15 reps of each exercise 4 times (I hope that makes sense… that was a mouthful!).  My goal is to stick with this plan through February.  Hopefully by March I’ll see some results!

I debated with myself about posting this next picture… Partly because I’m embarrassed I’m in my PJs and the bed isn’t made (the boys were still snoozing and I didn’t want to wake them!).  The other part is I would hate for anyone to think I’m bragging or want to make others feel badly.  BUT… I decided when I started blogging I was going to be true to myself… and the truth is, this picture IS myself.  This picture was taken a few days ago.  The tape measure shows where my waist was last May.  In 8 months I’ve lost 8 inches in my waist.

I don’t think I’m perfect by any standard, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.  Not necessarily because of inches or pounds, but because I think about the person was last May and I feel like I don’t even know her anymore.  That girl hated the way she looked and hated the way she felt.  She wasn’t sleeping well, had no energy, and was anything but confident.  The idea of running a 5K, much less a half-marathon was absolutely laughable.

Last May I chose to make a change (read about how I got started here) and I’m thankful every single day for that decision.  Since May I’ve challenged myself both physically and mentally.  Training for a half-marathon is something I never thought I’d do– not even in my wildest dreams.

Thanks for checking in on my training!  Have a great weekend! 🙂

What workouts did you get in this week?  What do you do for strength training?  How have you changed in the last year?  What’s something you’ve done you never thought you’d be able to do?


  1. You go girl you are amazing. Keep up the good work. I'm glad you where not hurt when you fell.

    1. Caroline @ HighHeels2HiddenToysJanuary 25, 2014 at 7:29 PM

      Thanks girl! 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline – visiting from Eli's blog, and what an impressive first post to read! You should be proud of your progress; it's inspiring. Hope your skinned palms are healing – that's a frequent injury for me, but as you said – better that than the face!

    1. Caroline @ HighHeels2HiddenToysJanuary 27, 2014 at 9:12 PM

      Thanks for visiting, Dana! I really enjoyed your post over at Coach Daddy. I'm pleased to say I ran the same 4 miles tonight and did NOT have any foofoo dog encounters resulting in face plants! Have a great night!


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