Monday, July 7, 2014

Joggin’ Strollin’ Mommas Get It!

I recently celebrated my very first runnaversary.  It got me thinking about how things I once never considered are now my norm [like the value of a no-slip headband…seriously, they’re more rare than unicorns].  I’ve also realized there are certain things that are unique to being a running mom.  Here are 5 things you can relate to if you’re a joggin’ strollin’ momma!

1.  You take more on a run with your child than you would a weekend vacay sans kids.
Snacks, sippys, binky, wipes, & toys… these are just a few jogging stroller staples [you’re also likely to lose at least one staple per run].  Depending on the length of the run and time of year you can’t forget a hat, jacket, blanket, tablet, or sunscreen.  Oh, and if I’m lucky I remember water, GUs, and my Garmin.

2.  You have aches and pains thanks to your stroller.
Jogging strollers aren’t light, y’all; mine weighs 28 pounds!  Throw in a 30+ pound kid and his previously mentioned necessities, you’re pushing at least an extra 60 pounds.  Back in March I ran 10 miles while pushing C.  We had a great run, but man did I feel it the next day!

3.  It takes more skill to run beside someone than driving I-40 cross country.
Big, bulky, heavy– jogging strollers are great, but they’re not easy to steer on tiny sidewalks.  Unless you’re on an empty greenway it’s pretty impossible to run with a fellow joggin strollin momma.  Even walking beside another strollin momma is tough.  I can’t tell you how many times C has bumped tires with his buddies.

4.  You feel like Usain Bolt on kid-free runs.
I’m so used to running with C, when I run without him I fly [or at least I think I do].  There’s usually about a minute difference in my pace depending on if I run with or without my sidekick.  I recently read running with weight helps improve speed.  Check!

5.  At any given moment your run may be cut short due to a hulk-worthy meltdown.
Toddlers… What can I say?  They have their moments.  Tantrums occur because children are unable to express themselves verbally.  I’m sure that’s frustrating.  Thankfully C usually loves the stroller, but every once in a while we get down the street and turn right back around because he’s not feeling it.

Oh the joys of being a joggin’ strollin’ momma!  Despite it all I’m thrilled to have my jogging stroller.  It provides C and I quality time outdoors and if you take away our stroller runs I’d have serious trouble logging miles.  Plus, I’d never know what it feels like to run as fast as Usain! 🙂

If you’re a joggin’ strollin’ momma, what kind of stroller do you have?  Did I leave anything off the list?
If you’re not a joggin’ strollin’ momma, do you do any running with weights?  Have you found a no-slip headband?
What’s the last reason you had to cut a run short?

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