Sunday, June 29, 2014

My First Runnerversary!

Today is my very first runnerversary!  Exactly one year ago today I completed my very first 5K!  Running is something I never dreamed I’d enjoy, and now that it’s been a full year since I became a “real runner” (that still feels weird to say!) I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

My very first 5K was the Southport 4th of July Freedom Run and my goal was to finish.  I wanted to celebrate my runnerversary by participating in the Freedom Run again, but there were too many scheduling conflicts and I was unable to make it to the beach.  Instead, I decided to share a few pictures and thoughts as somewhat of a delayed “race recap” to commemorate the occasion!


Here is my bib!  I keep it pinned to a bulletin board in my workout room to keep me motivated.

Here are a few pics before the race.  Adam and my brother, Joe, ran with me.  It was Joe’s first 5K also.

The race started on the waterfront.  By the end of C25K I was averaging about 13 min/miles.  Into my first mile I was so caught up in race day excitement I remember hearing my running app say– average pace, 9 minutes.  I immediately slowed down in an attempt not to burn out!

This guy participates while holding the flag each year.  It makes my arm hurt  just thinking about it.

My parents caught up with us shortly after mile 1.  The course was pretty shaded and breezy until this point.  I remember most of mile 2 and the beginning of mile 3 having little to no shade.  I ran towards tree’s shadows just to get a break!  Once the course went back towards the water it felt 100x better.

The last stretch was rough.  I remember Stronger by Kanye West playing on my iPod and I kept going.  Here’s Joe booking it to the finish line.

We finished!  We decided that after we finished an actual race we would be “real runners.”

Here’s Adam and I after the race.  I finished in 38:01 and Adam’s official time was a few seconds ahead.  He could have easily left me in the dust, but he stuck with me the whole time.

Although a 5K may not seem like a big deal, this was a HUGE day for me!  Adam was actually surprised I didn’t cry (I did cry the first time I ran 2 miles without stopping!).  The second I crossed that finish line I was in awe of what I had accomplished.  The first time I ran jogged 3 minutes straight I told Adam not to talk to me because it was too hard to focus on jogging and talking.  And here I was, running for 38 minutes straight!  My goal was to complete a 5K, so I worked my tail off and did it.  Since then I’ve continued to challenge myself and improve.  It felt pretty amazing to see this screen!

Thanks for celebrating my runnerversay with me! 🙂  I plan to do my own 5K around my neighborhood this afternoon just for fun!

What’s something that was a huge accomplishment for you?  Do you remember your first race?  Are you currently working towards any goals (fitness or nonfitness)?

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  1. Happy runnerversary! I'm not a runner, but I've done a few 5k, so I can relate to the feeling of accomplishment – it is a big deal! I'm glad you've kept it up; I think you've officially graduated from "novice" runner!


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