Friday, September 26, 2014

Simple DIY Baby Blanket

Last spring I had the opportunity to help make blankets for a ministry at church.  The program provides handmade blankets for incarcerated pregnant women.  The new moms only have 24 hours with their child before they are placed with a caregiver, and each new mom gets to choose one blanket to send home with their baby.  The fabric was pre-cut and we put the pieces together to create warm, snuggly blankets for sweet newborns!

This summer one of my friends gave birth to a baby boy.  This was her second child so she had most of her necessities; however, I still wanted to give her and her new baby something special.  I decided to attempt the same fleece blankets we made at church– all on my own this time!

I chose a football pattern for the front and gray fabric for the back.  I used a yard of each.

I trimmed the fabric to straighten the edges and cut about a 2×2 inch square out of each corner.

I laid the fabrics on top of each other and cut slits to create the little fringes.  It’s important to keep the fabrics lined up so the fringes line up.

Finally, I tied the fabrics together, piece by piece, with double knots.  It’s important to make sure the knots don’t get too tight so the blanket keeps its shape.  I checked about every 4-5 knots to make sure they weren’t pulling too much.

Here’s the finished blanket!

Are you talented in the DIY department?
What’s the last DIY you tried?
What’s your go-to for a new baby gift?

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