Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Goals & Healthy Habits

I’m a goal-oriented person.  Having a clear goal in mind is something I enjoy.  I need goals to keep me organized and focused.  One of my most challenging goals was to complete a half marathon.  I trained for four months and I am thrilled to have “complete half marathon” checked off my bucket list.  However, since my race I’ve been a little unfocused and disorganized.  I need some new goals.

I’ve thought about signing up for another half and I’ve thought about just sticking to short runs.  I’ve thought about setting a goal weight, but I said sayonara to the scale a while ago and I don’t really care to bust it back out.  Recently I was talking with a friend and she suggested I focus on some fun goals in addition to my health-related goals.

It’s summer– my favorite time of the year (well it may not be technically summer yet, but the humidity tells me summer is in full swing already in North Carolina)!  Also, I turn 30 in August (eep!).  So I’ve decided to set myself some summer goals to complete by my 30th birthday.  Here’s what I got so far…

1.  Live in the moment.
My brother is getting married in a few weeks.  I’m honored and excited to be able to stand up beside my brother as he and his fiancee say their vows.  Lately I’ve been focusing on so many little wedding details– How am I going to get C down the aisle? (he’s the ring bearer)  What about C’s nap?  Shoes, alterations, nails, hair…  The list goes on.  However, I really need to shift my focus.  Marriage is a beautiful thing, and a wedding celebrates the beginning of two lives joining together.  So my goal is to live more in the moment– starting with my brother’s wedding.  

2.  Spend more time outside.
It was a looooong winter!  Between the flu, pink eye, and Snowmageddon, we hibernated quite a bit.  Now that we’re not sick and not snowed in, C and I need to get outside more!  We’ve started with a beach trip and some strawberry pickin, but we can do more.  Instead of having lazy mornings in the house trying to figure out what we’re going to do, we need to get up, get dressed, and go.  Pretty soon it will be too hot to be out in the afternoons and we need to enjoy the sunshine while we can!  There’s a park with a train I think C would LOVE!  I’ve been talking about it for a few weeks, but I’m tired of talking… I’m going to make plans and go!  I plan to visit a park at least once a week so C and I can explore and enjoy the outdoors. 

3.  Get messy.
I’m not a control freak kinda mom, but I’m not a super messy kinda mom either.  However, C is a kid.  He likes to get messy.  To me it may seem like a mess, but to C it’s exploring.  Recently he helped one of his friends paint a birdhouse.  He LOVED the paint!  I need to provide more opportunities for him to make a mess– paint, play-doh, the whole shebang.  I will plan at least one messy activity for C each week.

4.  Exercise 5 days each week.
This may not be as specific as the “complete a half marathon” goal, but I think it will suffice.  It’s important to me to be healthy and it’s even more important to me for C to see me being healthy.  This includes exercising and eating right.  I’ve recently started T25 and enjoy it so far.  I also plan to do a few 5ks this summer.  My last 5k time was just under 35 minutes.  My fitness goals are 1- Complete T25, and 2- Improve my 5k time.

5.  Make plans. 
This is definitely one of my weaknesses.  I certainly don’t want to be anti-social, but I’m just not really the kind of person to organize outings.  Recently I was able to celebrate with Ginny and some friends for her bachelorette party.  It was such an amazing time!  It’s so easy to get caught up in play dates and running, but I need some grown-up fun, too!  I’m going to be more proactive about making plans and keeping in touch with friends.

6.  Focus on the positive.
I recently took a group picture with some girls and immediately following the flash everyone hovered around the photo– I hate my arms!  My stomach looks huge!  My legs are gross!  Do I really look like that?  The more I thought about these comments the sadder I became.  Is that really how people see themselves?  Is that really how I see myself?  I looked at the pic and didn’t see fat arms, huge stomachs, or gross legs.  I saw a group of beautiful friends having a good time. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s been plenty of times I see a picture of myself and think something negative.  However, the need to constantly put yourself down is a damaging habit.  So instead of nit-picking at all the imperfections, I want to focus on the positive.  My goal is to give myself and at least one other person a compliment each day.

Hopefully these goals to become healthy habits by  my 30th birthday!

What are your current goals?  How do you keep yourself focused?


  1. I love the tips and will say after this past winter with the polar vortex and Snowmageddon here, too I am looking forward to the summer and warm weather so much now, as well 🙂

    1. Caroline @ HighHeels2HiddenToysMay 15, 2014 at 5:01 PM

      Gosh I know! It's been in the 90s here this past week… This past winter was the nastiest one we've had in a while!

  2. I think these are all great goals! Also I love that bridesmaid dress, you look gorgeous!

    1. Caroline atHiddenToysJune 5, 2014 at 2:07 PM

      Thanks! It def wasn't bad for a bridesmaids dress… I've seen a lot worse!

  3. Your little strawberry picker is very cute 🙂
    Have fun accomplishing your summer goals – I'll keep my eyes open for posts about your activities!

    1. Caroline atHiddenToysJune 5, 2014 at 2:07 PM

      Thanks! We're working on em 🙂


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