Saturday, July 12, 2014

T25 + Speedwork {My Training Diary: 7.12}

It’s been a while since I’ve written a training diary entry!  I’ve missed logging my workouts!

This week I went on my first trail run since December.  It was ROUGH!  I had every intention of doing a tempo run, but soon into my run I was just desperate to finish!  I’m used to hills so I didn’t think it would be that bad, but dodging those roots was not easy!  I almost faceplanted 3ish times.  Thankfully I made it around the lake in once piece!

I’m enjoying the speedwork.  On Tuesday I did 30 second intervals.  Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle and my run was cut a bit short.  I didn’t completely faceplant, but I was close.

They’re currently repaving the roads in my neighborhood and I knew running on them would be a bad idea…. but I did it anyway.  Here’s the part of the road that’s responsible for my injured ankle!  Side Note: I was listening to Britney Spears when I hurt my ankle!  Coincidence?  Hmm… Maybe I need to take Britney off my playlist…

I also did some hill “sprints” this week.  I use the term “sprints” loosely because this was post-ankle twist and I had an extra 60ish pounds thanks to my sidekick.  My splits weren’t awesome, but I did cut off a little bit of time.  I chose a new hill to work on this week.  It doesn’t look all that hilly, but I promise it wasn’t easy!


This week I started a T25 challenge!  I started T25 back in April but only used it as a suppliment workout on non-run days.  This time I’m determined to finish the program!  I’m in a focus group on Facebook and really enjoy having the encouragement and support.  Most of us are moms and we have to get a little creative with the workouts thanks to unpredictable toddlers.

Unfortunately I had to do a lot of the lower-level modifications because my ankle isn’t 100%.  I know that’s what I should be doing, but I’ve been known to be a tad stubborn at times and don’t like doing the “easy” version.  Fortunately for me, the “easy” version of T25 isn’t all that easy.  This is Tania.  She does the “easy” version.  As a former dancer and mother I can definitely relate to her story; she is so inspiring!


So far my favorite workout is Lower Body #dropitlikeasquat.  My least favorite is definitely Total Body Circuit.  Too many plank walks and pushups– my shoulders were on FIRE by the end of that 25 minutes!

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Have you completed any of the Beach Body programs?
What workouts did you get in this week?
Anyone race this weekend?

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