Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What’s in a name? Fit Pink Mom

As you probably know, my blog recently received a makeover– including a new name.  Picking a blog name the first time around was rough.  I agonized over a name for weeks.  Relaunching isn’t something I can do regularly, so I knew if I was going to do it, I was going to DO it!  I recently watched one of my favorite bloggers completely rebrand herself and I combed Pinterest for guidance.  I was intimidated but determined.  Here’s how I settled on Fit Pink Mom.

I started writing down topics.  I originally did this with HH2HT, but now that I have almost a year of blogging under my belt I felt more focused.  Once I had a list [and made quite the dent in a stack of sticky-notes] I started crossing things off…

I decided run in any form was too specific.  Sure I love to run, but I love zumba and lifting, too.
Sure I’m surrounded by a husband, son, and two male dogs now, but maybe I’ll have a daughter someday.
I couldn’t get “run happy” out of my head, and while I love my brooks, run happy is their thing.
There are so many bloggers (with greater credentials than I) with “health” in the title.
C probably says “mommy” 100+ times a day now, but mommy sounds babyish and I didn’t want something I’d outgrow quickly.
My original first choice when I launched last year was “Two Dogs & A Baby.”  I always sing that phrase to “Call Me Maybe” [I’m really cool].  Anyway, while I like the idea of incorporating my dogs into the blog name, I don’t really write much about my dogs.
I really like love chocolate, but like my dogs, it’s not really something I write about. 

I thought of synonyms for some of my axed words.  I knew I wanted my new blog name to be short and easy so I focused on one-syllable words.

Fit covered healthy and running without being restrictive.

Pink seemed like a good substitute for “happy;” it feels like a friendly color.  I like pink.  I currently have 17 pink shirts in my closet– it may be time to purge!

Being a mom is the core of who I am.  Some form of mom, mommy, mother, mama was essential.  Since I was going for one-syllable words, mom it was!

Once I decided on Fit Pink Mom I waited not-so-patiently.  I said it out loud who-knows-how-many times.  I said it to friends.  I wanted to be absolutely sure this name encompassed the content and vibe I envisioned!  After what felt like forrreverrr I got to work registering the domain name and all those tediously exciting things. 🙂

If you blog, what’s the story behind your blog’s name?
If you don’t, what are three words that describe you?

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