Monday, October 6, 2014

When Mom Needs A Time Out [a blogging hiatus]

Happy Monday, my lovely readers!  I don’t really know how to start today’s post, so I’m just going to go for it…

I’m taking a little time off from Fit Pink Mom– a bit of a time out.  A hiatus.  This isn’t the end of Fit Pink Mom, and it isn’t the beginning of the end.  It’s just a bit of a break.

Things around here have been a little crazy lately.  I catch myself thinking of great post ideas, but I rarely have time to sit down for some quality writing time.  In September I started scaling back.  I hoped posting a little less would feel more manageable.  Unfortunately, I still found myself slightly panicked on Sunday evenings, scrambling to get posts scheduled. 

I started blogging last year to connect with others.  Since then I’ve formed genuine friendships with many amazing bloggers.  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several in person.  I love blogging, and it’s because I love blogging I need this little time out.

It won’t be long– just a few weeks at most.  I’m hoping this time will give me a chance to focus on my family, get in some quality workouts, and plan the next steps for Fit Pink Mom.

I miss all of you already and can’t wait to catch up when I get back!


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